Aftercare and Useful Tips
  • Feel free to go swimming, work out, or shower immediately after your lash appointment. Please be cautious of the weight that the water may have on your new lashes and gently pat them dry and brush them.
  • Gently cleanse and condition your eyelashes in the morning and at night. Brush them often, especially when they are wet. The more they are kept clean, tidy, and hydrated the more likely they will stay on longer without any issues.
  • Do think twice about mascara. With black extensions, there is no need for it. However, if you are due for a fill or want to add more drama for a special occasion, apply Mascara by NovaLash® just at the tips. NEVER use waterproof mascara as it will break the adhesive bond with your lashes.
  • Do use water based makeup remover products as long as they DO NOT contain glycol, organic solvents, carbonate, or high concentrations of alcohol. We recommend NovaLash® Clean Lash Pads as they are made specifically for lash extensions to remove makeup, clean, and condition with tightly woven fibers that won’t cause friction
  • Do not use any products that contain glycol, organic solvents, carbonate or high concentrations of alcohol on or near your eye area.
  • Do not use eyelash curler. This may cause the extension and your natural lash to fall out prematurely.
  • Do not rub, pull, pick and twist your eyelash extensions as it may cause the extension and your natural lash to fall out.
  • Do not use cotton balls or pads due to fibers adhering to your lash extensions.
  • Try to sleep on your back or side, avoid smashing your lashes completely as you sleep.
  • Be careful not to get your eyelashes caught on clothes when you’re dressing and undressing or towels when you’ve showered.
  • Visit your professional lash stylist for touch-ups for 3 – 4 weeks or when you notice about 50% of extensions have grown out.
  • Contact us with any questions or concerns via online or text/call 360.362.0639

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